King Charles’s recent move has shown his love for Princess Kate as he seemingly took a major risk to save his beloved daughter-in-law’s health woes.

The 75-year-old’s unprecedented statement about his health was reportedly designed to protect the Queen-in-waiting, who’s recovering from a successful abdominal surgery.

Dr Tessa Dunlop, royal expert and historian explained the monarch’s smart strategy to save the Princess of Wales in her own words, saying: “Here, have some information on me, but keep your prying eyes away from my daughter-in-law.’ 

She added: “Read side-by-side the statements are a powerful example of well-coordinated PR. There was a modern, public service Royal Family, but one with very clear boundaries.”

A double royal health scare was triggered last week when in the space of less than two hours it was announced the Princess of Wales was recovering in hospital following her surgery, while the King would also go under the knife for an enlarged prostate.

In the shocking statement, the nature of Kate’s surgery has not been revealed, with Kensington Palace only saying it was non-cancer related. However, in contrast, details of Charles’ diagnosis have been made public, with the King keen to raise awareness of the condition, which is extremely common among men.

“It is highly unusual for the Royal Family to divulge private health matters. In that respect the shared information about the King’s enlarged prostate was unprecedented, and it was also canny, Dunlop told¬†Birmingham Live.

“Buckingham Palace doesn’t do spontaneity; the release of a statement containing private matters about the King’s health immediately after news of the Princess of Wales’s major abdominal surgery was deliberate,” she continued.

Dunlop went on: “The timing deflected from his daughter-in-law’s major operation, likewise, the private detail concerning his prostate gave the public something else to think about. (The NHS website saw increased traffic on the subject).

“But beyond that obvious strategy, I believe there was something else at play. By sharing a slice of the personal, Charles’s statement served to underline the absence of any real detail concerning Kate’s condition.”

Dr Tessa Dunlop believes “it was been an obvious move – to protect Princess Kate.”

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