King Charles, having recently been informed about his cancer diagnosis, is expressing concerns about not wanting to burden Prince William with additional royal obligations. This consideration stems from Prince William’s current preoccupation with family responsibilities, coupled with his wife Kate Middleton’s slow recovery from abdominal surgery.

According to a source closely connected to the royal household, as shared exclusively with People magazine in this week’s issue, King Charles is steadfast in his desire to shield his children from undue pressure, especially given that Prince William has other priorities, particularly attending to Kate’s recovery, reported People Magazine.

While Prince William may assume some of his father’s duties in case the King’s health is compromised, there are currently no plans to appoint Counsellors of State. The Prince of Wales, however, can step in for constitutional duties if the King is absent. Despite a potential reduction in public appearances, the King intends to continue working behind the scenes, handling tasks such as receiving “red boxes” and other responsibilities.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman, the author of The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy, notes that although King Charles may step back from public duties for a significant period, there will still be ample work for him. The nature of the work may shift, but the King remains committed to fulfilling his responsibilities, even if they don’t involve large public gatherings.

As the royal family navigates this challenging period, King Charles’s thoughtful approach to his health and the distribution of responsibilities within the family underscores the ongoing dynamics within the monarchy.

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