In a recent update on King Charles’s health following his prostate surgery, royal commentator Charles Rae shared intriguing insights. Rae revealed that Queen Elizabeth is taking a ‘strict’ approach to the King’s recovery, emphasizing a necessary 3-4 weeks of recuperation.

Speaking on The Guardian, Rae highlighted the King’s workaholic nature, expressing the monarch’s eagerness to resume royal duties promptly. Rae noted, “The King is a workaholic, and he will want to get back to work very quickly to do all sorts of things.”

He continued, shedding light on the challenge for Queen Elizabeth in urging Charles to prioritize recovery, given his inclination to resume his responsibilities swiftly. Rae mentioned, “It’s going to be a big job for The Queen to tell him to slow down and take it easy because he’s facing three to four weeks of recuperation before he can get back on his feet.”

Rae shared an amusing anecdote, citing Camilla’s jest about getting Charles to stop working, underscoring the King’s commitment to his duties. Ann Widdecombe, the show’s host, emphasized the importance of medical professionals’ strict guidance during the recovery process.

Addressing concerns, Widdecombe reassured the audience that Buckingham Palace had clarified that Charles’s prostate problem is not cancer. Rae echoed this point, stating, “So it’s great to see that. Camilla’s there and she’s visiting her husband.”

Reflecting on the vulnerability of royals to health challenges, Rae concluded, “And of course, they both went to see the Princess of Wales before his operation. I suppose the other thing this all reminds us is that they’re vulnerable to the same things we are too.”

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