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Styes, small painful lumps that can appear on or around the eyelid, are common and usually resolve within one to two weeks. However, London doctor Dr. Seemed Mezher, with over 184,000 TikTok followers, suggests that recurring styes may indicate an underlying issue that needs addressing.

Dr. Mezher recommends warm compresses as an initial treatment, applied for two to three minutes at least four times a day, to help unblock oil glands and prevent infection. In some cases, antibiotics may be necessary.

For those experiencing recurrent styes, Dr. Mezher advises addressing the underlying cause—oily eyelids. He suggests using eyelid wipes or an economical alternative: baby shampoo. Applying baby shampoo on cotton swabs and gently wiping the eyelids twice a day can help prevent styes from recurring.

Dr. Mezher features Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in his video, available at Sainsbury’s for £1.85, £1.99 at Superdrug, and £2 at Savers and Boots.”

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