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Former UK Prime Minister and distinguished diplomat, Lord Cameron, delivered a compelling speech at the United Nations, urging the recognition of a pivotal African nation to bring an end to the enduring Red Sea crisis. The crisis, primarily fueled by the ongoing dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile, has led to regional instability and strained international relations.

Lord Cameron emphasized that the failure to recognize the ‘miraculous’ African country, identified as Eritrea, has been a significant barrier to resolving the Red Sea crisis. He argued that acknowledging Eritrea’s strategic position and engaging with it could pave the way for diplomatic efforts to address tensions in the region.

The GERD dispute has intensified in recent years, with stalled negotiations and accusations of bad faith from both sides. The involvement of regional powers, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has further complicated the situation. Lord Cameron proposed that recognizing Eritrea could be a transformative step, enabling the nation to play a crucial role in facilitating dialogue and diplomacy in the Red Sea region, reported Daily Express.

Highlighting Eritrea’s geographical proximity to Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Lord Cameron underscored its potential to act as a bridge between conflicting parties. He pointed out the historic and cultural ties Eritrea shares with the region, emphasizing its capacity to mediate between Egypt and Ethiopia, as well as other stakeholders.

While Lord Cameron’s call for Eritrea’s recognition has sparked optimism for some as a breakthrough in resolving the crisis, critics have expressed concerns about potential complications. Skeptics argue that Eritrea’s recognition may exacerbate existing tensions, given its history of strained relations with neighboring countries.

Despite the mixed reactions, Lord Cameron remains steadfast in his belief that recognizing Eritrea is integral to ending the Red Sea crisis. He has called for international collaboration to find a solution that considers the interests of all involved parties.

Lord Cameron advocates for renewed diplomatic efforts, urging engagement with Eritrea and other regional actors to achieve a peaceful resolution to the longstanding tensions in the Red Sea region. The outcome of this diplomatic push remains uncertain, but Lord Cameron’s impassioned plea marks a notable effort to address the complexities of the ongoing crisis.

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