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At 31 years old, Matt Bonnen’s dream of becoming a father seemed shattered when his four-year relationship ended. However, life took an unexpected turn with a cancer scare and the tragic loss of his brother, Christopher, 31, in a drowning accident. Realizing the fragility of life, Matt refused to wait for a partner and decided to pursue his dream of having a family on his own.

Undeterred by the challenges, Matt, a gay man, invested $125,000 (£98,300) in his journey to fatherhood through surrogacy. Exploring surrogacy agencies, he meticulously chose an egg donor who resembled him and embarked on the path to single parenthood. Despite initial setbacks, Matt’s chosen surrogate, a 30-year-old woman, became pregnant in February 2023, reported Mirror.

Throughout the pregnancy, Matt, splitting his time between Miami, Florida, and New York, was actively involved, attending scans either in person or via FaceTime. On October 14, 2023, he joyously welcomed his son, Noah Christopher, into the world. Now three months old, Noah has brought immense joy into Matt’s life.

Reflecting on his decision to go it alone, Matt expressed gratitude for his son, stating, “It’s the best decision I have made.” He emphasized his belief in investing in his happiness and challenged the notion that one has to wait for a partner to fulfill their dream of having a family.

Matt’s journey to fatherhood began after a cancer scare and the tragic loss of his brother. Faced with life’s uncertainties, he recognized the importance of pursuing happiness and started exploring surrogacy agencies in 2021. Financially stable and emotionally prepared, he underwent psychological testing to ensure his readiness for parenthood before contributing his sperm.

Carefully selecting an egg donor who resembled his family, Matt experienced setbacks in the surrogacy process, with the first attempt not successful. The emotional rollercoaster continued when the surrogate initially received a negative pregnancy test, only to later discover she was indeed pregnant. Matt stayed connected with her throughout the pregnancy, attending scans and witnessing the growth of his son.

Noah’s birth on October 14, 2023, in Miami, Florida, marked a beautiful and emotional experience for Matt. As he held his son for the first time, Matt saw a reflection of himself in Noah, describing the moment as angelic and glowing. Matt stayed in the hospital with Noah for two days before bringing him home, where he has been actively caring for him with the support of a nanny and his mother, Caroline, 55.

Despite the initial challenges of fatherhood and emotional struggles, Matt expressed his gratitude for Noah, sharing his admiration for his son’s features. He acknowledged the possibility of a future partner joining their lives but affirmed that being a father remains his primary role.

In recognizing the surrogate’s profound contribution, Matt remains grateful, acknowledging her as an integral part of Noah’s journey. Looking forward, Matt is open to new possibilities, embracing the joys and challenges of single parenthood while leaving room for potential companionship in the future.

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