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Meghan Markle, a participant in the mournful gathering at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September 2022, now faces accusations of orchestrating “fake tears” during the somber occasion. Despite traveling to the UK with her husband to pay respects to the longest-serving monarch in British history, the Duchess of Sussex finds herself embroiled in controversy as a theory suggesting she “cried on demand” circulated on social media.

Photographs captured on the day display the former Suits actress visibly emotional while outside Westminster Abbey, tears streaming down her face. Nevertheless, critics contend that Meghan deliberately cried in an alleged attempt to manipulate public sentiment. A TikTok video further fueled this narrative, claiming that Meghan’s tears during the funeral were suspiciously one-sided, emanating solely from her left eye.

The video suggested that if tears were observed exclusively from Meghan’s left eye, it could be an indication of feigned emotion. The creator asserted that Meghan’s alleged fake crying was scrutinized by royal fans who accused her of orchestrating the display. The video prompted a division of opinions, with some of Meghan’s supporters defending her against baseless accusations, while others questioned the authenticity of her emotional display, reported Mirror.

Adding a historical context to the discussion, a video from Meghan’s old lifestyle blog, The Tig, dating back to 2014, resurfaced. In this clip, Meghan purportedly confessed to having the ability to cry on demand, specifically from her left eye. She shared an anecdote, stating, “Oh, I can do that so well! Oh my god, it’s crazy. They’re like, Meghan, one tear, left eye, go! Give me three seconds.”

The resurfaced video adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing speculation, with Meghan’s past acknowledgment of her ability to produce tears at will contributing to the controversy surrounding her emotional expression during significant public events. The accusations of “fake tears” continue to generate discussions among both critics and supporters of the Duchess.

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