In the latest royal developments, reports suggest that Meghan Markle has allegedly prevented Prince Harry from reaching out to Kate Middleton following her recently undergone planned abdominal surgery. This claim comes from royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, who posits, “I don’t believe that Harry would speak to Catherine privately without Meghan’s blessing.”

The revelation becomes even more intriguing against the backdrop of other reports indicating that Prince Harry did make contact with King Charles and Princess Kate during their health issues. Schofield, a royal expert, speculates that Prince William and Kate Middleton are deeply engrossed in their respective goals, suggesting a potential reason behind the alleged distancing from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, told Page Six.

Intriguingly, Schofield elaborates, “They [Prince William and Kate Middleton] are too ‘laser-focused on their goals.’ The royal couple, according to the expert, seems to be untroubled by the activities or concerns of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, actively choosing to maintain a noticeable distance.

This development unfolds alongside an official statement released by Kensington Palace regarding Princess Kate’s health. The statement assures the public that her surgery was successful, and an anticipated recovery period of ten to fourteen days in the hospital is outlined. It is expected that she will return home thereafter to continue her recuperation.

Kate’s spokesperson also disclosed plans for the Princess to resume her royal duties post-Easter, underscoring the resilience and commitment of the Duchess to her responsibilities despite the health setback.

As the dynamics within the royal family continue to draw attention, the alleged restriction on Prince Harry from contacting Kate Middleton adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. The motivations behind such decisions and the evolving relationships within the royal circle raise intriguing questions, leaving royal watchers eager for further insights into this captivating saga.

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