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Royal author Angela Levin has asserted that even in the scenario of Prince Harry adopting a “part-time royal” role, Meghan Markle will continue to hold a significant influence and be “in charge” of him. Levin expresses concern that Meghan might exert control over Harry’s potential return to the royal family, cautioning the Duke that he cannot easily escape his wife’s sway.

This revelation comes on the heels of Harry sharing with his friends his intention to “step into a royal role” during his father’s illness. Levin suggests that Harry’s return to the British monarchy would also serve to secure financial support, especially as his own Sussex empire is reportedly facing challenges, as reported by GB News.

Elaborating on Harry’s stated aspirations for the monarchy in 2023, Levin notes his desire to modernize the institution and look after Prince William’s children to spare them the challenges he has faced. However, Levin contends that William is protective of his children and may resist external influence.

Describing Meghan’s assertive nature, Levin emphasizes that she will take charge, involving numerous phone calls and directing Harry’s actions. According to Levin, Meghan consistently positions herself at the forefront, asserting her vision for the monarchy without compromise.

In discussing Prince Harry’s relationship with King Charles, Levin acknowledges that the King disapproves of Harry’s past actions but cannot help but love his son. Other royal commentators are calling for unity between the Sussexes and the royal family to support King Charles during his illness. The dynamics surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s potential return to royal responsibilities appear to be complex and multifaceted.

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