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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who ventured into a lucrative deal with Netflix following their departure as working royals in 2020, find themselves under a new warning as their contract with the streaming giant approaches expiration next year.

A PR expert has suggested that the upcoming book adaptation by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might serve as their “final project” for Netflix. Lynn Carratt from Press Box, as reported by GB News, highlighted that the couple has produced only two documentaries for the platform so far, namely Harry & Meghan and Heart of Invictus, which did not match the success of their debut project.

According to Carratt, the couple is currently working on a film titled “Meet Me at the Lake,” a Netflix-exclusive adaptation of the novel by Carley Fortune. However, she expressed skepticism about the longevity of the partnership, stating, “That could be their final production with Netflix if their contract isn’t renewed.”

The warning aligns with observations from Richard Fitzwilliams, who attributed a drop in opportunities for the Sussexes to their previous criticisms of the royal family. Despite this, speculation arose about a potential new deal as Meghan and Harry recently attended the premiere of a film in Jamaica, fueled by their friendship with Brian Robbins, the chief executive of both Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon.

The evolving dynamics of Meghan and Harry’s relationship with Netflix raise questions about the future of their collaboration with the streaming giant, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding their upcoming projects and the potential for new opportunities on the horizon.

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