Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly exploring the possibility of a “part-time” reunion with the Royal Family after facing challenges since their departure in 2020. Despite severing ties with the institution and making controversial allegations against senior family members, sources close to the couple suggest a desire for a more flexible arrangement.

Recent reports indicate that Meghan Markle is keen on finding a way to ease the strain she and Prince Harry have experienced since relocating to California. The couple, facing difficulties in establishing stability in their new environment, has also reported significant financial losses for their charitable foundation, Archewell.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe believes that the example of Queen Camilla offers a precedent for winning back public favor. Larcombe points out that Camilla, once the most hated woman in Britain due to her role in the breakdown of Prince Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana, has successfully rehabilitated her image and is now the Queen Consort.

Larcombe suggests that the Sussexes are likely aware of the challenges they face, particularly with the Prince and Princess of Wales still harboring resentment. However, he emphasizes that a return to the royal fold is not entirely unthinkable, drawing parallels with Camilla’s transformation from a widely disliked figure to a respected member of the monarchy.

Reflecting on Camilla’s journey, broadcaster Carol Malone, who covered the royals since the 1990s, highlights the initial animosity toward Camilla as the “most hated woman in Britain.”

However, Malone credits the Palace’s PR strategy for gradually reintroducing Camilla to the public, allowing perceptions to shift over time. The slow, measured approach contributed to Camilla’s eventual acceptance and positive image as a member of the royal family.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by Meghan and Harry, the comparison with Camilla suggests that public perception can evolve, leaving the door open for a potential return to a more favorable position within the Royal Family.

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