Meghan Markle (Image: Getty)

Meghan Markle has recently inked a new podcast deal, marking a significant move in her media endeavors. This development follows closely on the heels of the launch of a website by Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, approximately eight months after parting ways with Spotify.

The 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex is set to collaborate with Lemonada Media, a company known for producing successful podcasts such as Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Hard Feelings with Jennette McCurdy. Lemonade Media, founded in 2019 by Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs, has gained prominence in the podcasting industry.

Markle’s partnership with Lemonada Media opens up opportunities for her to not only continue her podcasting journey but also to release her previous Spotify series, Archetypes. Alongside this, she is gearing up to launch a brand-new audio series, reported Daily Mail.

Expressing her excitement about this venture, Markle stated, “I’m proud to now be able to share that I am joining the brilliant team at Lemonada to continue my love of podcasting.” She emphasized her support for a female-founded company, praising its roster of thought-provoking and highly entertaining podcasts. Markle sees this collaboration as a fantastic way to kick off 2024 and is eager to share her work with the Lemonada family.

This latest development in Markle’s career comes in the wake of the launch of the revamped website,, by her and Prince Harry. The move stirred speculation and raised eyebrows as they dropped the “royal” from the title, potentially causing a rift with the Royals. Concerns have been raised about the violation of protocols, with the possibility of their website being ‘shut down’ if any hint of commercialism is detected.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex unveiled the website earlier this week, sparking rumors about their unexpected rebranding. Some critics accused them of attempting to leverage their royal titles to revive their Hollywood careers, while others speculated that they were making a statement about their return to the royal family.

Addressing the criticism, an insider close to Harry and Meghan emphasized that using “Sussex” in their website’s title is a factual representation of their surname and family name. However, the late Queen is said to have been “furious” with the couple for allegedly breaking the Sandringham Summit Agreement, which prohibits them from using their respective titles in their daily lives. Royal expert Angela Levin expressed her thoughts on the situation, highlighting the potential repercussions of the couple’s actions. The Palace is expected to closely monitor their activities on the platform, ready to take action if any breach of protocols is detected.

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