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Meghan Markle, once invited to two consecutive Christmases at Sandringham with the Royal Family, reminisced about her experiences celebrating the festive season with her in-laws.

Despite current estrangement and claims from Omid Scobie in his recent book “Endgame” that Meghan “never wants to set foot again in England” as she “never felt at home,” she previously expressed joy in a Netflix documentary series.

In the documentary “Harry & Meghan,” she shared her positive memories of Christmas in 2017 and 2018, describing the atmosphere as “amazing” and highlighting the big family dynamic she always desired. Meghan acknowledged an interesting encounter with the late Prince Philip during dinner, realizing later that she had been sitting next to his “bad ear.”

Prince Harry also expressed happiness about the 2017 festivities, emphasizing the family’s enjoyment of Meghan’s presence. He spoke about the combination of family and work elements during Christmas, emphasizing the fantastic time they had with his brother and sister-in-law.

Meghan’s gift to the late Queen Elizabeth, a singing hamster, became a highlight of the celebrations in 2017. The Queen reportedly burst out laughing and appreciated the humorous present, commenting that it could keep her dogs company. The royals traditionally exchange joke presents during Christmas, with each gift costing around £10-£30.

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