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According to Mirror The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, reportedly seeks a one-on-one meeting with King Charles to discuss her experiences as a former senior royal. Markle, who stepped back from royal duties nearly four years ago, is said to be inquiring about the usage of her title outside the Royal Family.

Having entered into lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify for financial independence, Markle and Prince Harry question the differing rules applied to them compared to other family members.

Royal commentator Neil Sean asserted on his YouTube channel that Meghan Markle is seeking answers from King Charles. Allegedly, she attempted to arrange a private meeting with him, expressing her challenges since joining the British monarchy in a letter. One of the perceived grievances is the apparent inconsistency in rules, with Markle noting that individuals like Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) are freely using their titles for various engagements outside the Royal Family.

The frustration reportedly stems from seeing Fergie appearing on shows like ITV’s This Morning and Loose Women, marketing herself as the Duchess of York and engaging in commercial activities related to the Royal Family. Meghan and Harry are said to be puzzled by the different standards applied to them.

In related rumors, Meghan Markle is speculated to be considering a tell-all book about her life, similar to her late mother-in-law’s book, “Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words.” This potential exploration of her journey, including her transition from actress to royal, family conflicts, and media controversies, could be part of the four-book deal signed by the couple with Penguin Random House.

While Prince Harry’s book “Spare” has already garnered attention, Meghan’s autobiography is eagerly anticipated as the next chapter in their literary journey. Speculation also swirls around the possibility of Meghan harboring political ambitions, adding another layer of intrigue to her potential publication.

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