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Distraught over the termination of the Sussexes’ partnership with Spotify, Meghan Markle has reportedly been deeply affected, especially following a derogatory remark made by Bill Simmons, a Spotify executive, who labeled her and Prince Harry as “grifters.” This comment surfaced in the wake of the couple releasing only 12 episodes of Meghan’s podcast “Archetypes,” amidst ongoing content creation endeavors with Netflix, with whom their contract is up for renewal next year.

The dissolution of the agreement with Spotify in July of the previous year gave rise to Simmons’s critical statement during a Spotify podcast episode. He expressed a desire to have been part of the negotiations surrounding the Sussexes’ departure from the platform, referring to them as “f****** grifters” and suggesting that this notion could have been the basis for a podcast launch with the couple.

The term “grifters,” commonly used in America to denote individuals who swindle others for money, has left Meghan, a mother of two, in a state of considerable distress. Reports from Closer magazine indicated that Meghan was significantly troubled by Spotify’s decision to part ways, with a source revealing to the publication that the episode had deeply affected her, leading to feelings of humiliation and a serious reconsideration of her and Harry’s strategic approach to their professional ventures, the Daily Record reports.

The label of “grifters” not only humiliated Meghan but also served as a harsh wake-up call, prompting discussions about the need for a strategic pivot to preserve their public image and viability as content creators. Advisers to Meghan have reportedly suggested a shift towards more individualistic projects, separating her efforts from the collective “Brand Sussex” in an attempt to salvage her career and possibly restore public confidence in her professional capabilities.

Despite the criticism and the challenging circumstances, Meghan and Harry are said to be determined to rise above the negative commentary, with a focus on re-establishing their brands. Sources close to the couple have conveyed to RadarOnline that they are undeterred by accusations of being money-driven or opportunistic, dismissing such criticisms as the product of jealousy and malice.

With a forward-looking attitude, Meghan is purportedly aspiring to significant achievements in Hollywood, with both she and Harry optimistic about their future success and financial prospects, undaunted by detractors.

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