According to royal author Tom Bower, Meghan Markle harbors feelings of jealousy towards Kate Middleton, believing that Kate has “everything she wants.” Bower suggests that Meghan, desiring to assert her independence within the royal family, opted to pursue her path, contrary to the established royal norms.

Bower stated in an interview with Closer, “Kate is glowing, Kate is successful, Kate is popular – everything that Meghan wanted. Meghan wants to be the Queen and doesn’t want to be fifth in the succession [with Harry].”

The author argues that Meghan and Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties in 2020 and relocate to California, securing lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, has not elevated Meghan’s status as she may have hoped. Instead, Bower contends that each public appearance or endeavor undertaken by Meghan has resulted in a diminishing of her standing.

Bower maintains that Meghan’s attempts to overshadow Kate are futile, asserting, “Meghan could never trump Kate – not at all. Everything she tries undermines her status, and instead of returning to the privacy she said she needed, she loses a bit more every time she steps out into the spotlight. She cannot win.”

The author also suggests that Meghan is eager for endorsements, particularly from Dior, and is disappointed in not securing certain contracts. There are reports that Harry and Meghan are hoping for a “year of redemption” in 2024 following criticism of their documentary and Harry’s autobiography, as well as a decline in donations to their Archewell foundation.

Additionally, rumors circulate that Meghan might return to acting, marking a potential comeback after she retired from the popular legal drama Suits in 2017.

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