Rumors of tension between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have resurfaced, suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex harbored feelings of envy towards her sister-in-law. According to insights from royal expert Ingrid Seward shared with the Telegraph, Meghan’s discontent allegedly stemmed from Prince Harry’s close relationship with Kate.

Seward hinted at a possible emotional connection between Prince Harry and Kate, clarifying that it wasn’t meant in a physical sense but rather a mental and psychological one. The expert recalled times when it was just the three of them, emphasizing Harry’s longing for a sister, a sentiment he reportedly expressed to Princess Diana. Seward painted a picture of Harry’s consistent presence at Kensington Palace, always around and engaged in mundane activities like discussing meals.

The narrative suggests that Meghan might not have been pleased with the dynamic between Harry and Kate, feeling a sense of inadequacy or exclusion. The speculation goes beyond the relationships, extending to Meghan’s purported envy of Kate’s status as a princess. Seward claimed that Meghan had grand expectations of becoming a princess and living in Windsor Castle. Instead, she found herself residing in Nottingham Cottage, which Harry humorously referred to as ‘my hovel.’

These insights into the dynamics within the royal family shed light on the complexities and nuances of interpersonal relationships, adding a layer of speculation to the dynamics between Meghan, Harry, and Kate. As observers delve into the past, the alleged feelings of envy and jealousy provide fodder for ongoing discussions about the intricacies of royal life and the personal experiences of its members.

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