Meghan Markle is making headlines for her stunning appearance, described by one royal author as “amazingly good,” as she reportedly strives for recognition from a high-end fashion brand. Expressing disappointment over not securing a contract with Dior, the Duchess of Sussex is said to be “desperate for an endorsement” from a prestigious fashion house, according to insights from a royal author.

Previous rumors hinted at Meghan being “in talks” with Dior. Still, it was later revealed in November that she had lost out to Meg Bellamy, known for portraying Princess Kate in Netflix’s “The Crown” Season six, who became the new face of Dior. Despite speculations, Dior clarified that Meghan was “not in talks” for a deal, leaving sources perplexed about the story’s origin.

Royal author Tom Bower shared his perspective, noting Meghan’s significant efforts in her appearance and her evident dedication to securing a fashion deal. Bower told Closer, “Meghan has made huge efforts. She does look perfect at the moment – and is working hard at it. I think she’s looking desperately for an endorsement with something like Dior, and that’s been a disappointment because she hasn’t landed one contract.”

Since they departed from royal duties and relocated to the US in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have pledged to achieve financial independence. Despite not securing a fashion deal, the couple has secured lucrative partnerships, including a Netflix deal rumored to be worth £78 million and a Spotify deal reportedly valued at £16.5 million, which concluded earlier this year. Additionally, Harry is said to have inherited £7.8 million from Princess Diana and received a reported £16 million advance for his upcoming memoir, Spare.

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