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Amidst financial challenges faced by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, brand expert Denise Palmer-Davies has suggested potential avenues for the Duchess of Sussex to alleviate their financial woes. In an interview with Fabulous magazine, Palmer-Davies highlighted that given Prince Harry’s background as a former Hollywood star who married a British prince, numerous brands would eagerly invest in collaborations with Meghan, potentially allowing them to overcome their financial difficulties swiftly.

However, Palmer-Davies noted that Meghan Markle is known for being discerning about the work she takes on and the brands she associates with. The brand expert emphasized the importance of Meghan’s work aligning with her values and personal brand, indicating that her selective approach is justified, told The Sun.

While acknowledging Meghan’s selectivity, Palmer-Davies suggested that if financial constraints become pressing, Meghan might need to reconsider offers she had previously turned down. This could involve collaborations with prominent fashion or beauty brands, as well as engaging in personal appearances and participating in panel talks, all of which could provide substantial income.

Despite these opportunities, the PR specialist acknowledged that Meghan Markle might view certain ventures as potentially beneath her current status. The former Suits actress, having established herself as a prominent figure, faces the dilemma of weighing financial needs against maintaining her perceived status.

As Meghan and Prince Harry navigate their financial landscape, the suggestions put forth by Denise Palmer-Davies shed light on potential avenues for the couple to explore, emphasizing the need to strike a balance between financial considerations and the Duchess’s brand values.

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