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Exclusive Meghan Markle’s Rumored Memoir Faces a ‘Critical’ Hurdle, Says Royal Commentator

Rumors abound about Meghan Markle contemplating a tell-all memoir after the success of her debut, “Spare.” However, royal expert Kinsey Schofield points out a potential stumbling block in this literary endeavor.

In an exclusive interview with Express US, Schofield, the host of the To Di For Daily podcast, highlights a crucial element missing from Meghan’s narrative – a “happily ever after.” Despite her foray into podcasting, which did not meet expectations, the royal commentator suggests that Meghan’s story lacks the essential element of a positive conclusion.

Schofield notes that a book from Meghan Markle at this juncture would be incomplete without a triumphant ending. The royal couple faced a challenging year, marked by negative assessments from sources like Rolling Stone and The Hollywood Reporter, labeling them in their “flop era” and among the biggest losers of 2023.

According to Schofield, Meghan’s story has plateaued, lacking a satisfying climax for readers. Given the current circumstances, the royal commentator advises against pursuing a literary career, asserting that Meghan should achieve something beyond marrying a prince before attempting to write a legitimate book.

Schofield emphasizes that the past few years have tarnished Harry and Meghan’s narrative, resulting in a loss of their fanbase and a current lack of interest. While the royal commentator acknowledges that Meghan might have successfully undertaken such a venture three years ago, the public’s perception of her has since changed, turning more negative. Today, Meghan is viewed as infamous rather than a beloved historical figure, according to Schofield.

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