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A mother, going by the name Damita JoMama on TikTok, found herself in a baffling situation when she was reportedly fired on her very first day of work due to arriving an hour late after braving a blizzard in Arkansas. Taking to TikTok to share her ordeal, Damita explained the unusual occurrence in a video.

Living in Arkansas, a state not accustomed to frequent snowfall, Damita detailed how everything usually shuts down when it snows. Unfamiliar with driving in snow, she decided to use her mother’s SUV for the journey to work, navigating the main streets to avoid potential issues on the freeway.

Despite her efforts, Damita arrived almost an hour late and sought to explain her situation to her colleagues. She expressed her lack of experience in driving in snow, promising to be better prepared for future instances. However, her attempt to convey her situation was allegedly met with indifference by a staff member who simply stated, “You’re late,” and questioned why Damita couldn’t make it to work if others could.


I’m still in shock but best believe HR is getting an email from me. #firedonmyfirstday #storytime #snowday #greenscreen

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Attempting to justify her tardiness, Damita explained her unfamiliarity with snow driving and emphasized her swift arrival under the circumstances. To her surprise, the staff member called another person into the office, and Damita was informed that they couldn’t proceed with her employment before being escorted out.

Expressing her shock at the situation, Damita criticized the staff member’s lack of understanding, emphasizing the challenging weather conditions with two to three inches of snow. She also highlighted an attempt to label her a liar, claiming she didn’t have a contact number as it wasn’t provided in the emails she received.

In the aftermath, Damita expressed her frustration with the job and expressed hope in rejoining her previous employment. She concluded the TikTok video with a caption indicating her intention to contact HR about the incident.

This incident narrated by Damita JoMama sheds light on the unexpected challenges individuals face at the workplace, especially when dealing with adverse weather conditions, and raises questions about understanding and flexibility in such situations. The complexities of her experience underscore the importance of effective communication and empathy in the professional realm.

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