“Motorist Claims Encounter with Deceased Big Cat on West Country Motorway”

In a recent incident near Bristol, a motorist reported seeing what appeared to be a large cat lying dead on the side of the M49 motorway. Richy Cushing, the witness, shared his observation with a big cat research group on Facebook, sparking renewed interest in reports of big cat activity in the West Country.

Cushing described the scene on the M49 near Bristol, stating, “As you come off the M4 and down the M49 on the M5, there is a big black cat lying dead in the road. I couldn’t stop as I was towing my caravan, but it was too big to be a domestic cat.”

Wildlife expert and taxidermist Jon McGowan, known for his role in the documentary Panthera Britannia Declassified, expressed that such incidents are not uncommon.

According to McGowan, big cats are frequently killed on British roads, and there have been instances where authorities dispatched teams in unmarked vehicles to retrieve the bodies before they could be documented by the press or witnesses.

McGowan shared a personal anecdote, stating, “I once saw a dead cat on the roadside which was enormous, it could have been up to 9ft long including its tail. Other people thought the animal was a dead lion.”

This latest sighting adds to the ongoing reports of big cat encounters in the region, prompting further discussion and interest in the phenomenon.

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