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Patrycja Miszczuk, 33, has been left devastated after discovering that her stepdad, Krzysztof Baczyński, 40, squandered her late mother’s £200,000 life insurance payout on lavish holidays for his new girlfriend.

The shocking revelation unfolded following the death of Patrycja’s mother, Anna Miszczuk, who succumbed to breast cancer just two months after diagnosis in September 2017. Anna’s life insurance money, intended for Patrycja and her younger brother, was deceitfully signed over to Baczyński by Patrycja, who was the trustee of the insurance policies.

Baczyński, described as spending the money “as if it was his own,” utilized the funds, including the critical illness portion, recklessly. The fraudster embarked on luxury holidays to Tenerife, Poland, and Russia with his new partner, inviting Patrycja on several trips while maintaining a facade of financial stability, reported Daily Mail.

Within nine months, Baczyński depleted the entire life insurance payout, leaving Patrycja and her brother with nothing. Suspicions arose when Patrycja suggested accessing the money for rent, but Baczyński made excuses to avoid it. The fraud came to light when he shared photos of extravagant outings on social media.

In December 2023, Baczyński was found guilty of fraud at Northampton Crown Court and has now been sentenced to four years in jail. A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing is planned to attempt the recovery of some of the misappropriated funds.

Expressing her disbelief and anguish, Patrycja stated, “I don’t know how he could do something like this to us. It’s torn our family apart.” The money, intended for their future security, has been irrevocably lost, leaving Patrycja and her brother grappling with the aftermath.

The family tragedy began when Patrycja was 16 years old, and her mother married Baczyński. Despite initial reservations, Patrycja accepted him for making her mother happy. The couple relocated to Corby, Northamptonshire, in 2008, and the family appeared to be a “normal, happy” one.

Following Anna’s death, suspicions arose when attempts to access the money were met with excuses. Patrycja’s brother eventually discovered the truth by directly contacting the financial advisor. Devastated by the loss, Patrycja recounted her mother’s dying wish for insurance money to secure their future.

Judge David Herbert KC, in his remarks during the trial, highlighted Baczyński’s reckless attitude toward the money and noted that it was meant to be the children’s inheritance, intended to set them up for life. Patrycja, determined to move forward, stated, “We won’t just sit around and cry about what happened.” Despite the court outcome not meeting her expectations, she emphasized her commitment to rebuilding their lives.

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