(Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

A car owner, Wayne Whitehead, ignited a neighbourhood dispute by sending furious letters to all his neighbours in response to a request to avoid parking on a grass verge. The anonymous note, urging the car owner to refrain from parking on the verge to prevent it from looking unsightly, triggered an aggressive reply.

The angered driver photocopied the original note, which was left on his windscreen, and distributed his furious response to every house on the street. In the heated letter, the car owner insisted on the right to park on private property, threatening to double park next time to block others in and signing off with a sarcastic “Merry Christmas you Grinch!”

While Wayne found the note amusing, some neighbours were upset and confused by the aggressive tone. Wayne’s wife, Lorna Hallsworth-Whitehead, discovered the letter upon returning from work and was surprised by its content, given that they usually park on their own driveway.

Wayne speculated on the identity of the original note sender, suggesting a neighbour known for being meticulous about their garden. He emphasized that the situation should be taken lightly, but acknowledged that some neighbours were disturbed by the aggressive language.

Despite the initial polite request to avoid parking on the grass verge, the car owner defended their right to park as they pleased, arguing that their vehicle was private property. Wayne noted the irony in the car owner’s stance, criticizing them for invading private spaces while claiming the sanctity of their own property.

In conclusion, Wayne urged for a more relaxed and forgiving approach among neighbours, emphasizing the need for easygoing interactions and understanding.

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