Prince Harry has expressed criticism towards Piers Morgan following the recent development in his phone hacking case against the publisher of the Daily Mirror. The Duke of Sussex has been awarded “substantial” damages, including an interim payment towards costs amounting to £400,000, as part of the settlement reached with Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) on Friday.

Despite the settlement, Prince Harry continues to level criticisms against Piers Morgan, accusing him of displaying contempt for the court’s ruling and engaging in “continued attacks.” In a statement delivered outside the High Court by his barrister David Sherborne, Prince Harry called for authorities to uphold the rule of law and emphasized that no one, including Mr. Morgan, should be considered above it.

The legal saga began in December when a judge ruled that Piers Morgan, during his tenure as editor of the Daily Mirror, was aware of and involved in phone hacking. The court awarded Prince Harry damages amounting to £140,600 against MGN. In response to the ruling, Piers Morgan maintained his innocence, stating that he had never hacked a phone or instructed others to do so, and challenged the lack of concrete evidence supporting the allegations, reported The Independent.

Prince Harry’s recent statement reiterated his commitment to seeking justice and positive change against tabloid media. Despite not being present during Friday’s hearing, he conveyed that his “mission continues” and stressed the importance of obtaining a clear and detailed judgment.

This legal battle follows a trial last June, where Prince Harry became the first royal to testify in court. The judge, during the trial, determined that 15 out of 33 articles under consideration had resulted from unlawful information-gathering practices.

Prince Harry’s engagement with this legal battle comes amid personal challenges, including a recent visit to Britain to see his father, who informed him of a cancer diagnosis. While Prince Harry was not present in court for the recent hearing, his ongoing efforts to address issues related to privacy and media intrusion remain a focal point in his mission for positive change.

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