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The police are currently investigating a disturbing trend of viral videos circulating on social media, showcasing women without their consent during vulnerable moments on a night out. While Manchester nightlife accounts have been documenting activities in the Deansgate area for years, the recent focus seems to deliberately target visibly intoxicated women.

These predatory and voyeuristic clips capture unsuspecting young women in compromised situations, such as crawling on the road or being assisted by friends as they stumble. The videos, posted on YouTube under the account @VoiceofValleys, have surfaced in the past week, although the exact filming dates remain unclear, Manchester Evening News reports.

The captions of these videos, like ‘Beautiful Drunk Girl Wander on the Street of Manchester’ and ‘Beautiful Single Ladies One Night Losing Control in the Manchester On January 26, 2024’, suggest a deliberate targeting of inebriated women. However, the footage also includes women merely walking down the street with friends during a night out.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have acknowledged the concern raised on social media regarding these online accounts filming women during nights out. While it is not illegal to film people in public without consent, GMP emphasizes the importance of context, assessing each report individually to determine if the behavior is criminal.

Officers patrolling Manchester city center’s nighttime economy are briefed regularly on this issue and actively look out for potentially predatory filming. Chief Inspector Stephen Wiggins of GMP’s City of Manchester Central district reiterated the commitment to the safety of women and girls, urging those who feel stalked, harassed, up-skirted, or filmed in a distressing manner to report it immediately.

Despite the legal nuances, GMP underscores the importance of ensuring women feel safe during their night out and encourages swift reporting of any alarming incidents for appropriate action. The investigation into these invasive videos reflects the broader efforts to address privacy concerns and protect individuals from predatory behaviors in public spaces.

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