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“Labour Leader Accused of Lack of Plan in Ongoing Crisis and Obstructing Africa Deterrent”

In a scathing attack, the Labour leader is accused of lacking a strategy to resolve the ongoing crisis and obstructing the Africa deterrent. The Prime Minister has taken the removal scheme to the forefront of the election battleground, intending to strengthen the policy.

The PM, hitting the road to engage with voters, criticized the Labour leader, stating, “We all know he’s not interested in stopping the boats; he’s more interested in stopping the flights that are trying to remove people who shouldn’t be here illegally.”

Directly targeting Sir Keir, the PM accused his party of voting against the Rwanda legislation and asserted that the whole party supported the deterrent. Chancellor Rishi Sunak questioned whether Labour lacks belief in stopping the boats or simply doesn’t have a plan to do so, emphasizing his commitment to stopping illegal immigration.

As Sunak faced questions about a reported discussion on scrapping the policy during his leadership run in 2022, he denied such intentions, labeling the claim as false. The Rwanda scheme, costing £290 million, has not yet seen a single asylum seeker sent there.

Labour countered, calling Sunak’s alleged consideration of canceling the plan evidence of “total Tory chaos over their failing Rwanda scheme and the weakness of Rishi Sunak.” Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper accused him of chasing gimmicks and pandering to parts of the Tory party.

Legislation related to the Rwanda plan is expected to return to the Commons, with Tory rebels threatening amendments or voting it down unless strengthened. The PM welcomed “bright ideas” for improvement, stating the entire party’s support for the plan. Former Home Office Minister Robert Jenrick indicated he would amend the Rwanda plan if Ministers didn’t fortify it.

Sunak expressed his “working assumption” that the election would be in the second half of the year. He framed the choice for voters as between the Tories or going back to “square one” under Sir Keir, criticizing Labour’s green project spending plan and alleging a lack of a coherent strategy from the Opposition leader.

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