A potential clash over Rishi Sunak’s proposal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is looming, with MPs suggesting it could lead to a snap election or division within the Tory party.

The Prime Minister is optimistic about a Christmas truce within his party, but both factions are prepared for a showdown in the New Year.

A Tory critic of the emergency legislation, aimed at preventing legal challenges from halting flights, anticipates a “mighty tug of war between moderates upholding international law and right-leaning members content to ignore it.”

Sunak aims for the first flights to Rwanda in the spring, but a former minister warns that currently, “there is no common ground, and the Lords will ensure this bill is delayed for months.”

Advocating for the Bill’s abandonment, the critic expresses concerns about the party potentially splintering. Right-wing Tory MPs, part of the “Five Families,” may seek changes to the Bill, advocating for tougher legislation on illegal immigrants being sent to Rwanda, but this faces resistance from the Left of the party.

There is speculation within Labour circles about the Prime Minister facing a political crisis leading to a snap election, with immigration as a wedge issue. A shadow minister suggests Sunak might opt for an election rather than facing a confidence vote.

Concerns within the Right of the party arise about the hardline stance taken by some Brexiteer MPs, risking credibility with the Prime Minister. A senior Right-winger humorously proposes a Christmas truce and a charity football match between the “Five Families” and the One Nation Group.

Alp Mehmet of the Migration Watch campaign group is skeptical about the Rwanda scheme’s realization, predicting legal challenges and court delays. Former Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner voices strong opposition, criticizing the legislation’s impact on judicial scrutiny and the UK’s global role in human rights.

A Labour source hopes moderate Conservative MPs will act sensibly during the Bill’s parliamentary process, criticizing Sunak for pursuing a controversial plan influenced by backbench pressure.

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