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The Prime Minister is set to reassure the public about upcoming tax giveaways in 2024 following successful efforts to reduce inflation. However, he will caution voters against the possibility of increased taxes if Sir Keir Starmer, whom he labels as “economically illiterate,” is elected. While no election date has been confirmed, the Prime Minister plans to initiate what appears to be the start of the election campaign by portraying the Labour leader as weak on the economy.

Embarking on a UK tour beginning in the East Midlands, the Prime Minister will engage in a question and answer session. Simultaneously, Sir Keir will present his stance in a speech in the South West.

In his New Year message, Chancellor Rishi Sunak hinted at upcoming tax cuts, emphasizing the expected further reduction in inflation. The Chancellor will advocate for the 2p cut in National Insurance, effective from the upcoming Saturday.

A Downing Street source highlighted the Prime Minister’s commitment to reaching out to working families during the UK tour. The source contrasted the Conservative approach with Labour’s proposed £28 billion annual spending on green projects, emphasizing a clear distinction with a focus on tax cuts.

Regarding potential repercussions from Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” royal expert Russell Myers predicts a lasting impact on Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family. Myers suggests that the memoir’s revelations have negatively affected Harry’s reputation within the family, creating a challenging dynamic.

As the political landscape unfolds, the Prime Minister is expected to call a general election in 2024, with the Tories facing a tough battle to retain power, given Labour’s substantial lead in opinion polls.

Former No 10 adviser Dominic Cummings disclosed his meetings with Chancellor Sunak to discuss political strategy and defeating Labour. While Boris Johnson reportedly sought Cummings’ assistance, no formal job offer was made.

Chancellor Sunak’s focus on tax cuts in the New Year message aligns with ongoing speculation about potential attention-grabbing pledges in the upcoming spring budget. Reports suggest cuts in death duties or income tax to address the Conservative Party’s deficit in the polls and create policy distinctions from Labour.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey criticized both major parties and pledged to address a “broken political system.” He emphasized the need for transformative change and reforming elections to create a fairer and more accountable political landscape.

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