(Picture: Jeremy Selwyn)

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak personally stepped in to prevent the Ministry of Defence from discontinuing the use of his favored tax-funded £40 million helicopters.

The Ministry of Defence had initially intended to cease renting these luxurious helicopters to redirect funds to critical areas. Despite the announcement, Sunak reportedly intervened to retain the helicopters, a decision later supported by Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

Critics have consistently scrutinized Sunak for his preference for helicopter travel, particularly for short distances such as the London to Southampton route. Last month, Shapps decided to maintain the two helicopters, reportedly in response to Sunak’s request.

Despite ongoing criticism, it appears that the Prime Minister will persist in taking brief journeys in the £40 million helicopters, citing a reluctance to use trains.

A source from the Labour party pointed out the irony of Sunak’s travel choices, emphasizing the financial struggles of working people while the Prime Minister continues extravagant modes of transportation.

Sunak’s helicopter trips have included flights to Dover, where a one-hour train option existed, and a series of private jet travels, including three trips in just 10 days, such as one from London to Blackpool.

Notably, private jets have a significant environmental impact, consuming more fuel than commercial planes and contributing up to 14 times more pollution. Some of Sunak’s private jet excursions are covered by taxpayers, while others are reportedly funded by Tory donors.

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