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Prince Harry has received advice to mend his strained relationship with the royal family, challenging the narrative that portrays him as a victim. Former polo acquaintance Edward Charles Featherstone, sharing his perspective with The Mirror, suggested that the Duke of Sussex could become a potent force within the royal fold if he chooses to reconcile with them.

Featherstone, who formed a connection with Prince Harry during their shared polo days, expressed his belief that the royal could redirect his focus towards philanthropy and public service, leveraging his influential position for the greater good. Instead of dwelling on a victim narrative, Featherstone proposed that Prince Harry should utilize his philanthropic capabilities, emphasizing the positive impact he could make.

Concerning Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, Featherstone urged him to consider the potential benefits of aligning with charitable causes, citing the success of the Invictus Games. Established for injured and sick military veterans, the Invictus Games promote recovery through sports, esports, and adventurous challenges.

Featherstone argued that channeling energy into such initiatives could redefine Prince Harry’s public image and showcase his dedication to meaningful causes. Highlighting the transformative power of charity work, Featherstone envisioned Prince Harry emerging as a “very, very powerful voice” within the royal family.

By embracing philanthropy and leveraging his platform for positive change, Prince Harry has the potential to redefine his role and contribute significantly to causes that align with the values of the monarchy. Featherstone’s advice encourages a shift away from a perceived victim narrative, urging Prince Harry to embrace a more constructive and impactful role within the royal framework.

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