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In an exclusive revelation, insiders are cautioning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be facing a disheartening future in Tinseltown, encountering a potential freeze-out as key executives express reluctance to collaborate with them. Former BBC Royal Correspondent Michael Cole, in an interview, expressed that Americans have grown fatigued with the couple, attributing their decline to the consistent negativity surrounding their endeavors.

Recent opinion polls further underline the waning popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with Prince William and Princess Kate emerging as significantly more favored figures on both sides of the Atlantic. Notably, the Hollywood Reporter labeled the couple as “Hollywood’s biggest losers” of 2023, citing their Netflix documentary series, Harry’s biography Spare, and their podcast Archetypes as lackluster and uninspiring.


PR expert Mark Borkowski suggested that the entertainment industry is drawn to success and financial gains, hinting at potential weariness regarding the couple’s presence. Borkowski speculated that the year 2024 could be pivotal for them, marking either a recovery or the unraveling of their brand. He emphasized that the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Sussexes has created a negative perception, which is not embraced in Tinseltown.

Despite an initial surge in popularity, highlighted by the success of their Netflix docuseries and Prince Harry’s biography, the couple faced setbacks, particularly with their Spotify deal termination and criticism for their podcast Archetypes. The Hollywood Reporter criticized their ventures as “whiny” and “inert,” leading to speculations about industry weariness.

The couple’s standing faced a downturn when they claimed to have been pursued by paparazzi in New York, a narrative met with skepticism. The subsequent termination of their Spotify contract further fueled doubts about their talent and marketability in the industry.

Their association with the controversial book Endgame, which accused senior royals of racism, strained relations within the Royal Family and intensified public scrutiny. Polls indicate a significant decline in public favor for Meghan Markle in comparison to Princess Kate.

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