Prince HarryCredit: Getty

Prince Harry is facing criticism for presenting himself as a ‘victim’ in his much-anticipated memoir, “Spare.” Edward Charles Featherstone, a former friend of the Duke of Sussex using a pseudonym, voiced his disappointment in an interview with The Mirror, asserting that Harry is far from being a victim.

Featherstone expressed his disapproval, stating, “It is disappointing to see Harry portraying himself being the victim when he’s the furthest thing from a victim.” He emphasized that Harry was once a torchbearer for the noble cause of the Invictus Games and suggested that the prince should move past self-perceived victimhood.

In addition to labeling Harry’s current actions as inappropriate, Edward revealed that he had written a letter to the prince, intending to publish it shortly. He outlined his contemplation of publishing the letter either on the H2Z website, the Rude Chronicles website, or potentially in a more mainstream outlet like the LA Times.

These remarks followed the announcement of Bennett Levine, the manager of Harry and Meghan’s Archewell Productions, stepping down from his role amid the couple’s reported financial challenges. Bennett shared the news of his departure on social media, revealing his new position at Cinetic Media.

The California-based couple, who withdrew from their senior royal roles in 2020, is reportedly facing significant challenges, including the pressure to “produce content and impress Netflix” before their deal concludes in 2025. The revelation of internal challenges and critiques from former acquaintances adds to the complexities surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s post-royal endeavors.

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