Prince Harry has released a new statement following the abandonment of his libel case against the Mail on Sunday. According to a spokesperson, the Duke of Sussex prioritizes the “safety of his family” over a protracted court case that would provide a platform for past false claims.

The speculated £750,000 in legal costs remains unconfirmed, as the case’s costs are pending determination. Despite withdrawing the libel case, Prince Harry’s spokesperson affirms his willingness to cover his police protection costs in the UK while awaiting the Home Office case’s outcome.

The duke continues to challenge The Mail‘s ‘honest opinion’ defense, asserting that the article in question was presented as an “exclusive” in the “news” section, not the “opinion” section. Earlier reports indicated Prince Harry’s decision to abandon the libel case, with his lawyer informing the High Court of the discontinuation before the document-handover deadline.

The initial lawsuit focused on an article alleging Prince Harry’s attempts to “spin” a dispute with the Home Office related to the downgrading of his tax-funded police protection. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not commented publicly on King Charles and Princess Kate’s upcoming surgeries, the royal family faces ongoing developments.

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