Prince Harry is set to spend another Christmas away from the royal family, continuing a trend of exclusion that has persisted for four years. While rumors circulate about a potential reconciliation, with Harry considering a phone call to his father, King Charles, some commentators view the timing of these efforts as “orchestrated.”

On a GB News segment, host Mark Dolan discussed the recurring theme with royals expert Kinsey Schofield. Dolan pointed out the pattern where Harry is excluded from family events, such as Charles’ 75th birthday, prompting him to attempt reconciliation through phone calls. Schofield expressed skepticism about the timing, deeming it “suspicious,” while Dolan remarked that it appears “orchestrated.”

During the discussion, Dolan questioned Schofield about the possibility of a reconciliation in 2024, to which she responded with insights from Meghan’s team, indicating uncertainty about the next steps. Schofield highlighted the recent Page Six story reporting Harry’s intention to call the King for reconciliation at Christmas, emphasizing the perceived suspicious timing.

King Charles celebrated his 75th birthday in November, an event Harry did not attend. With Christmas approaching, Harry’s exclusion from family plans persists.

While the Sussexes’ holiday plans remain uncertain, past years have seen them create their own traditions in California with Meghan’s mother. However, this year, the royals are changing things up by inviting Queen Camilla’s family to join in the festivities at Sandringham.

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