Prince Harry has inked a lucrative four-book deal with Penguin Random House, securing an estimated £17 million advance for the initial release of his memoir. The Duke of Sussex, who recently unveiled the memoir titled “Spare,” has reportedly begun work on a follow-up book, according to insights from a royal commentator.

While the financial details of the multi-million deal signed in 2022 remain undisclosed, it is believed that Prince Harry received a substantial £17 million advance for his first book. The memoir, which delves into his upbringing as a senior member of the Royal Family, provided unprecedented insights into his relationships with the King and Prince William. Prince Harry revealed that he trimmed 400 pages from the original 800-page manuscript, hinting at the possibility of a sequel.

Royal expert Christina Garibaldi suggested that the second book might diverge from the narrative of “Spare,” as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle focus on fresh projects independent of the royal institution. Garibaldi emphasized the couple’s positive trajectory, stating, “It seems like they are moving forward in a positive direction. They have a lot of things coming up; Prince Harry is working on another book.”

Addressing concerns about the couple’s popularity decline post-memoir release, Garibaldi noted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are redirecting their efforts toward philanthropy. The Duke and Duchess signaled a shift away from negative relations with the Royal Family to concentrate on charitable endeavors.

Commentator Christine Ross expressed a desire to see the couple emphasize their philanthropic work and charitable projects rather than engaging in “juicy tell-alls.” Ross emphasized her interest in learning more about the positive initiatives the couple plans to undertake, anticipating a departure from sensationalism.

Friends of the couple revealed their eagerness to make 2024 a “year of redemption” after facing challenges to their public image in 2023. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aim to focus on positive initiatives, leaving behind the controversies and legal battles that garnered widespread attention.

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