Amid Prince Harry’s ongoing security case in the London High Court, a potential reprieve may be on the horizon regarding his US visa status, which came under scrutiny after the release of his memoir, “Spare,” last year. The Duke of Sussex’s admission of drug use in the memoir raised questions about his eligibility for a US visa, as such use is typically grounds for inadmissibility.

Royal commentator Lee Cohen weighed in on the situation, suggesting that under President Joe Biden’s administration, it is unlikely that Harry’s visa issue will gain traction. Cohen pointed out that President Biden has praised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their courage and advocacy on various issues.

The controversy surrounding Harry’s drug use admission prompted demands for the release of his US immigration records. The Heritage Foundation took legal action against the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) after their Freedom of Information Act request was rejected. The DHS argued that immigration information is considered private personal information, akin to health, financial, or employment records, he told¬†GB News.

The current US government seems untroubled by Prince Harry’s past recreational drug use, raising the question of whether this stance will persist beyond the 2024 elections in the United States. The situation remains dynamic, with uncertainties about the potential implications for Harry’s US visa status as legal proceedings and political landscapes evolve.

As the security case in London unfolds, the intricacies of Prince Harry’s legal and immigration challenges add layers of complexity to his already multifaceted public life. The interplay of legal, political, and personal aspects sets the stage for ongoing speculation and scrutiny surrounding the Duke of Sussex.

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