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Prince Harry surprised fans with his first speech upon returning to the United States from Britain, and notably, he made no mention of his ailing father, King Charles, at the Las Vegas NFL awards bash on Thursday. This seeming snub of the cancer-stricken monarch left many in astonishment.

The Duke of Sussex’s unexpected appearance came just a day after his elder brother, Prince William, expressed gratitude to the public for their support of the royal family during an awards ceremony in London on Wednesday, where he was accompanied by Tom Cruise.

In a surprising turn of events, Prince Harry’s speech at the NFL awards ceremony failed to provide any positive insight into his meeting with the King. Despite his father’s warm welcome and the effort to arrange a face-to-face meeting at Clarence House in the UK, Prince Harry did not utter a single word about King Charles, who had received him with open arms, reported People.

While enjoying moments with other guests at the event, Meghan Markle’s husband left attendees shocked by his omission of any mention of his father’s cancer during his ultra-British and humor-filled speech comparing rugby to American football. Jokingly remarking, ‘You stole rugby from us!’

Contrary to expectations, Prince Harry made this appearance before his scheduled trip to Canada next week with Meghan for the Invictus Games. This marked his first public appearance since his brief 45-minute meeting with his father during his UK visit.

The winner of the NFL awards ceremony, Pittsburgh Steelers footballer Cameron Heyward, expressed his shock at seeing the Duke, even hugging him and exclaiming, ‘Prince Harry, I’m just shocked, that’s Prince Harry.’ The event added an element of surprise as Prince Harry’s demeanor and speech choices raised eyebrows in the wake of his recent family interactions and the ongoing health challenges faced by King Charles.

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