Despite the Prince and Princess of Wales’ enduring marriage of over 12 years, their love story faced a challenging chapter. In 2007, then-boyfriend Prince William dropped a bombshell on Kate Middleton that could have altered her royal destiny.

At the time, Catherine Middleton, 25, was working as a fashion buyer for Jigsaw, while Prince William, also 25, pursued a military career, often keeping them apart. In a heart-wrenching phone call during her work at the Jigsaw office, William initiated a conversation about a potential breakup, as revealed by author Tina Brown in her best-selling book “Palace Papers.”

Describing the phone call, Brown wrote, “In an awful ‘let’s get it over with’ phone call in April [2007] to Kate while she was at the Jigsaw office, [William] dropped the break-up bomb.” Kate, devastated, excused herself from a meeting and spent an hour in a heart-to-heart conversation, leaving her emotionally shattered.

Granting compassionate leave from her job, Kate sought solace with her family in Bucklebury. Supported by her mother Carole and sister Pippa, Kate attended an art show in Dublin and embraced a carefree attitude under Pippa’s guidance.

According to Brown, the sisters exuded a “girls just wanna have fun” vibe, with Kate determined to showcase a vibrant life, proving to William that she was moving forward. By June 2007, William realized Kate’s worth and initiated efforts to win her back.

Brown noted, “[She was] beautiful, self-assured and embossed now with a royal sheen, Kate could have become a wife of a duke or a billionaire in a Highgrove minute.” The brief separation concluded, and in June, the couple was back together, sharing a passionate kiss at a birthday party.

Kate attended a memorial service for Princess Diana the following month. In 2010, reflecting on their temporary split, Kate emphasized personal growth, while William acknowledged the need for “just a bit of space.” The couple married in 2011 and celebrated their 12-year anniversary in April 2023, now proud parents of three children.

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