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Prince William has been forging a deep connection with another esteemed member of the Royal Family—England Rugby World Cup victor Mike Tindall.

The annual Royal Walk not only delighted onlookers but also brought attention to Tindall, the spouse of Prince William’s cousin Zara.

Describing their relationship, royal expert Jennie Bond revealed on TalkTV that Tindall, a close friend of William’s, assumes the role of an uncle figure to William’s three children. Bond noted the charming dynamics between them and the heartening scene during the Royal Walk, where Tindall had his arm around Prince George. According to Bond, Tindall embodies the unclely presence that was lost with Harry’s departure.

In Bond’s words, “William may have found a brother in Mike Tindall, the brother he lost.” Both William and Zara share the same age of 41 and have a shared upbringing.

Commenting further on Tindall, Bond emphasized, “He isn’t an uncle, of course, he’s a cousin, by marriage, but he acts, and is loved, like an uncle, by the kids and all alike, like the lost uncle.”

While Bond doesn’t foresee an immediate return to the old ways between Harry and William, she believes William has “moved on.” Nonetheless, she holds hope for a potential rekindling of warmth between Harry and his father in the future.

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