In recent reports, it has been suggested that Prince William is currently not inclined towards forgiveness, as indicated by a royal expert, Phil Dampier. According to Dampier, any ‘goodwill messages’ from Meghan Markle and Harry directed at Kate Middleton might be perceived as ‘insincere’ by the Duke of Cambridge.

In an interview with Women’s Day, Dampier delved into Prince William’s sentiments concerning the well-wishes extended by the California-based royals, emphasizing that the brothers remain as distant as ever with little hope for reconciliation shortly. Dampier remarked, “I don’t think William is in a forgiving mood, any goodwill messages from them would probably be regarded as insincere. The brothers are as far apart as ever and there is no prospect of a reconciliation soon.”

Highlighting Prince William’s focus on his wife’s recovery and well-being, Dampier noted, “William will just want them to be out of sight and mind as Kate recovers and concentrates on getting better. The less stress, the better, and unfortunately Harry and Meghan are nothing but trouble to them these days.”

The reported ‘best wishes’ from Prince Harry and Meghan to King Charles and Kate Middleton, who are dealing with health concerns, serve as a backdrop to the ongoing tensions within the royal family. The intricate dynamics continue to unfold, with the rift between the brothers appearing to widen, and prospects for a reconciliation seemingly distant.

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