Princess Charlotte was once presented with an extravagant and unique baby toy, but surprisingly, it didn’t come from her immediate family.

The eight-year-old, who is the middle child of Prince William and Princess Kate, has been the recipient of various indulgent gifts befitting her royal status. Among these, one of the most luxurious presents she received is an exquisite 18k white gold rattle adorned with an array of precious gems, including sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, arranged in the pattern of the Union Jack flag. This opulent creation is estimated to be valued at £35,426.

The gift was bestowed upon Charlotte at the time of her birth by the Natural Sapphire Company. It served as a token of appreciation to William and Kate, as the company experienced a surge in sales of sapphire engagement rings following the couple’s engagement. The iconic blue sapphire ring worn by Kate, which originally belonged to Princess Diana, contributed to the company’s success.

Expressing their gratitude on their website, the Natural Sapphire Company stated, “We’re thanking Kate and William for introducing our company to the world, by gifting a custom-designed baby rattle, fit for their Princess.”

The lavish baby rattle, made from 18k white gold and adorned with gemstones, holds a unique significance. It is estimated to be worth $45,000. While Kensington Palace did not confirm the acceptance of the extravagant gift, it mentioned that gifts from commercial companies were generally not accepted.

Despite this luxurious gesture, the most extravagant gift for Princess Charlotte arrived from Canada. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, made a generous £79,000 ($100,000) donation to Immunize Canada, a vaccination charity in her name. Additionally, Trudeau gifted the young princess a snowsuit and a book.

In contrast, more practical gifts for Charlotte came from her grandfather, King Charles, who purchased a willow rattle by Irish basket maker Ciaran Hogan for £25. Her aunt, Pippa Middleton, opted for practicality as well, presenting her niece with biodegradable nappies made from natural muslin cloth, at a cost of nearly £5.

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