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Express News reports that Reform UK, under the leadership of Ben Habib, is stressing the fundamental distinction between their party and what he calls the “Tory/Labour uni-party.” Habib asserts that Reform UK is motivated by a genuine concern for the well-being of the country and a refusal to accept the damage caused by traditional political parties.

Habib clarified the party’s intent, stating, “We are only doing it because we care about the country and cannot bear the massive damage being done by these legacy parties. If we, like so many of their MPs, were just in it for a cushy £93,000 per annum plus expenses, we would have joined them. We didn’t.”

Criticizing most Tory and Labour MPs for prioritizing global events such as Davos over the concerns of the British people, Habib accused them of undermining democracy. He argued that the major parties prioritize international institutions over the preservation of language, heritage, values, and history, which has led to the creation of Reform UK to counter the perceived existential threat posed by the uni-party.

Habib declared, “Reform UK exists because the UK faces an existential threat created by this uni-party. We are going to stand in every seat,” indicating the party’s determination to challenge the status quo. In contrast to the Brexit Party’s decision not to run against pro-Brexit MPs in 2019, Habib asserted that Reform UK will not engage in pre-election pacts and is prepared to directly challenge figures like Sunak and Starmer.

With Rishi Sunak’s recent announcement of the upcoming general election next year, political tensions are escalating. Despite trailing Labour in polls, Reform UK remains resolute, ready to contest whenever the election is called. Sir Keir Starmer, expressing readiness for a general election, highlights the perceived “complete state of failure” in the country and the urgent need for change.

As Reform UK positions itself as a formidable contender, Ben Habib’s assertive statements signal a determined challenge to the established political order. The stage is set for a high-stakes electoral showdown, shaping the political landscape in the upcoming election.

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