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In a recent development, Rishi Sunak engaged in a notable exchange with Piers Morgan, accepting a £1000 bet regarding the commencement of deportation flights to Rwanda before the upcoming election. During an hour-long discussion on TalkTV at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister was challenged by Morgan, who proposed the wager, stating, “I’ll bet you 1,000 pounds to a refugee charity, you don’t get anybody on those planes before the election. Will you take that bet?”

Sunak accepted the bet, shaking hands with Morgan, and emphasized that he was diligently working to ensure the execution of the deportation flights. He defended the Rwanda initiative as part of an “overall plan” that is deemed effective, despite Piers Morgan expressing skepticism and criticizing it during the conversation, reported The SUN.

Morgan questioned the government’s priorities, particularly in light of the forecasted 73 million people in the country by 2036 through legal migration. He argued that legal migration poses a more significant challenge and questioned whether Rwanda should be the primary focus. In response, the Prime Minister maintained that the Rwanda policy is an integral part of addressing illegal migration, asserting that it will deter individuals from attempting to enter the country unlawfully.

Despite the exchange, where Piers Morgan remained unconvinced of the effectiveness of the Rwanda scheme, Rishi Sunak stood firm on the government’s approach, citing past success with similar agreements, such as the one with Albania. The disagreement between the two on the feasibility and impact of the Rwanda policy highlights the ongoing debates and challenges surrounding immigration and deportation strategies in the UK.

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