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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has emphasized the necessity for changes to global refugee regulations to address the issue of illegal migration. Speaking at a gathering of Italian conservatives and right-wing leaders in Rome, Sunak expressed concerns about the potential for migrants to “overwhelm” European countries, characterizing migration as a deliberate weapon used by adversaries to destabilize societies.

Sunak highlighted the urgency of implementing radical solutions, stating that failing to address the problem would lead to an increase in numbers, ultimately straining countries’ resources. He proposed the possibility of updating laws and leading an international conversation to amend post-war asylum frameworks to effectively tackle the issue, told Reuters.

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, Sunak warned that without immediate action, the influx of boats carrying migrants would persist, resulting in further loss of lives at sea. In a show of solidarity with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who has advocated for stringent measures against Mediterranean migrants, Sunak praised her efforts and called for a united front on the issue.

During his one-day trip to Rome, Sunak engaged in talks with Meloni and Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama to address the challenges posed by illegal migration. Notably, the Atreju event, where Sunak spoke, attracted prominent figures such as billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, reported ITV.

Drawing inspiration from the leadership of former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Sunak stressed the need to apply her radicalism and drive to combat illegal migration. He asserted that safeguarding national sovereignty and deciding who enters the country should be a fundamental tenet, warning that failure to do so would erode public trust in government.

Sunak advocated for innovative approaches like the Rwanda plan and sought support for legislation to address the issue. Despite Home Office figures reporting 292 people crossing in seven boats on a recent Friday, with one confirmed death and another in critical condition, Shadow Immigration Minister Stephen Kinnock urged the Prime Minister to change direction.

Kinnock suggested investing in a cross-border policing unit, cracking down on criminal smuggling gangs, and collaborating with Europol to tackle the root causes of illegal migration. Sunak’s visit to Rome was part of his broader efforts to garner support from European allies, with a focus on Albania and Italy as key partners in addressing the challenges of illegal migration.

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