Rishi Sunak(Image: Getty)

Rishi Sunak has officially confirmed that a general election is on the horizon for the upcoming year. The Prime Minister, obligated to call a general election by January 2025, had faced widespread speculation that he might delay the decision until the last possible moment.

However, during a press briefing at No10, Sunak quashed rumors and asserted that next year will indeed see a national election, dispelling any notions of a January 2025 polling date.

Sunak, facing increasing pressure as the Conservative Party trails behind Labour in polls, had been the focal point of a party internal conflict over his emergency legislation related to his Rwanda plan. Calls for a general election amplified as a result, with critics urging Sunak to allow the public to voice their opinions at the polls.

In September, Sunak had staunchly maintained his grip on power, expressing his determination to remain in No10 until at least 2030. Speculation had arisen that he might push back the election date to 2025. Some reports suggested that Conservative strategists were eyeing October 31 as a potential election date, allowing sufficient time for economic recovery without appearing overly hesitant.

On another front, Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement hinted at a possible spring election. Hunt’s proposal to reduce National Insurance by 2% fueled speculation that May could be the chosen time for Sunak to seek a mandate from the electorate.

Normally, tax cuts in fiscal events take effect from the following tax year, but Hunt’s announcement to implement the cut in January provided voters with ample time to experience the benefits before a potential May election.

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