Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are at the center of criticism, with a royal expert suggesting that their actions have turned into a “circus,” making their return to the UK for Christmas highly unlikely.

The prospect of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spending the festive season with the Royal Family at Sandringham is deemed “highly inappropriate” due to what’s perceived as a series of attention-grabbing stunts.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams asserts that there is “no way” the couple will return, citing their perceived unpredictability and lack of trustworthiness. He emphasizes the inappropriateness of Harry’s potential return, given his previous criticisms of the Royal Family in interviews and his bitter portrayal in the book “Spare.” Fitzwilliams suggests that the Sussexes’ behavior has created an environment unsuitable for a relaxed Christmas, given their unpredictable nature.

The expert dismisses rumors about Harry’s desire to return while Meghan opposes it, stating that such speculations do not come from the Sussex camp, and he firmly insists that the couple will not be making a return.

Fitzwilliams notes the overshadowing impact of the Sussexes on King Charles’s reign, referencing events like “Spare,” court cases, a purported near-catastrophic car chase, and “Endgame,” which have collectively turned into what he describes as a circus.

In a separate commentary, another royal expert, Esther Krakue, suggests that Harry and Meghan could have salvaged their popularity by adopting the Royal Family’s mantra of “never complain, never explain” from the beginning. The couple’s recognition as Hollywood’s biggest losers of 2023 by The Hollywood Reporter underscores the challenges they face in their public image.

In summary, the royal couple’s actions, their alleged “circus,” and the subsequent commentary underscore the complexities surrounding their relationship with the Royal Family and their image in the public eye.

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