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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been cautioned to brace for challenging times ahead, as a royal expert predicts a “fresh bomb” to drop this spring. Despite not attending the Golden Globes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex became the target of a humorous jab during the event’s opening monologue by host Jo Koy. The comedian made a playful reference to the ‘rich, white, dysfunctional’ Royal Family, including a quip about Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal.

Now, author and socialite Lady Colin Campbell has cryptically hinted at more difficulties for the couple in the coming months. During an interview with GB News, Lady Colin Campbell stated, “I can guarantee that they’re going to get an awful lot worse. Wait until spring, they have a real bomb coming their way in spring. I think they’re going to be completely exposed before this summer.”

Pressed for details on what might transpire, Lady Colin remained elusive, only saying, “Well, I’m afraid I can’t say beyond this. But believe me, I know what I’m talking about, and I know who’s going to drop the bomb.”

The 74-year-old did not provide further clarification on the nature of the news. This prediction comes amid a series of challenges for Harry and Meghan, including public ridicule at events like the Golden Globes, mentions in South Park, and unflattering comments from the Spotify CEO over the past year.

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