Meghan Markle’s recent appearance in a social media ad for Clevr Blends, a company she invested in, has prompted royal experts to comment on her efforts to “relaunch” herself in the New Year, aiming to regain popularity after a challenging 2023.

In the candid advert, Meghan showcased her versatile skills, taking on multiple roles for Clevr Blends, a company she announced backing in December 2020. Royal expert Phil Dampier noted that Meghan is seeking a more positive and relaxed image, suggesting a departure from the victim narrative she and Prince Harry have been associated with. Dampier emphasized the importance of image and hinted at a desire for the couple to focus on a new life in California without feuding.

Brand expert Nick Ede recommended that Meghan rebuild her reputation by tapping into humor, showcasing her compassionate and entertaining side. He predicted a shift towards personality-led content portraying Meghan as a media personality who is kind and not afraid to poke fun at herself.

On the other hand, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams expressed concern about Meghan and Harry being labeled as two of the biggest losers of 2023. Fitzwilliams suggested that Meghan’s change in direction should harken back to the positive image she had during her engagement to Harry.

He highlighted Meghan’s previous association with Clevr in 2020, acknowledging the company’s benefit from her promotion. Fitzwilliams commended Meghan’s recent appearance in a promotional video for Clevr, describing it as fun and showcasing her sense of humor without trying to save the world.

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