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EXCLUSIVE: Royal Historian Analyzes King Charles’s 2023 Agenda and Advises Caution Amidst Controversy

As King Charles navigates the challenges of 2023, a royal historian offers insights and cautions against involvement in any dramas following the release of Omid Scobie’s contentious book, “Endgame.”

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Marlene Koenig encourages the monarch to prioritize leading the monarchy and to distance himself from recent controversies. Koenig predicts that significant shake-ups within the monarchy are unlikely in the coming year, emphasizing that attention should shift from private matters to promoting the royal family’s work.

Regarding Scobie’s book, Koenig remarks, “It has not gotten good reviews and does not look like a bestseller,” suggesting that the King and the Royal Family would be best served by avoiding unnecessary entanglements.

Despite the book’s controversy, Koenig commends King Charles for successfully connecting with the public through his actions, evident in the high attendance and positive reception at public engagements, notably the Coronation, which emerged as the top-rated show in the UK in 2023.

Praising the King’s decision to rebrand the Prince’s Foundation as the King’s Foundation, an educational charity affiliated with the Prince’s Trust, Koenig highlights Charles’s lifelong preparation for the role of King. She notes that, while adjusting to his new position took time, the monarch is now settling into the day-to-day responsibilities, including official events, meetings with the Prime Minister, and various engagements.

Anticipating a “business as usual” approach in the coming year, Koenig envisions Charles continuing to fulfill his duties with “humor, intelligence, and respect.” She emphasizes the King’s intuitive nature, his ability to handle day-to-day functions, and the vital support he receives from Queen Camilla, noting their remarkable energy at their age.

In summary, despite the challenges and controversies, the royal historian suggests a steady and focused course for King Charles, emphasizing the importance of his role and the continued support of the Queen in the year ahead.

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